We Are Ready.


Andrea Kane, The Niche Chick™

Creating a niche in beauty and wellness has been my jam since leaving the Navy in 2003. It was then that I understood how important a single focus (but not necessarily a single item) was to creating success.

From that experience, I began teaching business of beauty courses for The Learning Annex (back when it was in-person classes!), created The Organic Beauty Expert blog and podcast that garnered mentions in Woman’s Day, Marie Claire, Self, W Magazine and a few other national publications. And then, (OMG) in 2010, after I’d started my massage practice and decided to shutter the blog….. a call from a producer at OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network.) Y’all! I still shed a tear over that one.

In January 2013, I started a small yoga studio with a focus on focusing on students that large studios can’t address. I’d found the thing that makes my soul dance: my niche. Working with folks with injuries, conditions and issues. During this time, I also realized that teaching group classes was not my jam and a few years later in the fall of 2015, I came to the decision to close the group studio and focus instead on teaching private sessions.

Throughout all of the yoga, pilates and bodywork trainings I’ve attended (and probably for you too), there was nothing that told me how to start a private practice. Thankfully, my bodywork practice was successful and respected at this point and I’d gained enough knowledge over the years so my private practice took off. It was then that I decided that I wanted to help other practitioners create a thriving solo practice.

My massage and pilates studio is currently a six-figure practice currently 95% full through the end of 2020 with a waitlist. Now my goal is to help you create a thriving practice that gives you freedom, profit and time to do what you love…. even if that’s simply working more!!

Once you know your passion, create your niche and focus on that goal, you will find success and I am here to help you make that happen.

The Beta launch of my membership and group coaching is coming soon, but if you’re ready to find your niche and create your success, schedule an appointment and let’s soar!